6 Super Simple Sustainable beauty swaps to make in 2021

By now I think we are all trying to do a little better when it comes to thinking about sustainability. We have our reusable shopping bags, we are getting better and better at recycling, and reusable coffee cups are super popular. But let’s not forget our beauty routine. Here are just a few easy-peasy ideas (and things that I have tried and tested) for how we might be able to be a little kinder to our lovely planet.

Switch to Bamboo. Swap single use cotton rounds for reusable ones. I made my own from scraps of fabric and bamboo towelling, but you can get by reusable bamboo rounds from places like Amazon. I can’t give you my thoughts on those products because I haven’t used them but from reading other reviews I would buy these ones. Bamboo grows really quick, without lots of chemicals so is great from a sustainable point of view.

2. Reusable Q-Tips. Did you know you can buy reusable cotton buds too? Last Object do reusable cotton buds which are perfect for sorting out bits of eye make-up. They can be washed quite simply using just some soap and water. I have been reading about Last Object on their About page and I am rapidly becoming obsessed with this inspirational and amazing company.

3. Try a different brand that focusses on sustainability and kindness such as L’Occitane or Lush or Ren. I used to use Lush facial skincare all the time and I absolutely loved it (I still do) but then during Lockdown ‘no.1’ I couldn’t get hold of it so I tried out a few other brands and fell in love with a couple of them as well. There are lots of great ones out there but a couple of my favourite animal friendly and environmentally conscious ones which I’ve used lately are L’Occitane and Ren.

4. Using a muslin cloth. Similar to the reasons I have explained for numbers 2 and 3, using a muslin cloth instead of disposable cotton rounds to remove your cleanse your face significantly reduces waste. Muslin cloths are also gently exfoliating which is great in terms of removing dead skin cells but try not to over scrub. I have a few Liz Earle ones (they often come with their cleanser) and also some from Lucy Bee.

5. Cut back on cleansing products. Do a ‘first’ face cleanse with a Face Halo. I first heard of this wonder product on the Fashion Mumblr YouTube channel (thanks Josie!) and I am so glad I did. You dampen it and use it to cleanse your face and take off most of your makeup, without using products (it’s like magic). Then do a second cleanse with either a face wash or cream cleanser. You will notice that you use much less of your cleansing product (whether it’s cream cleanser or face wash). This is especially satisfying if you use expensive skin care because it really makes it last much longer. Or you might find that some days you can skip the second cleanse altogether. Happy days.

6. Reusable Bottles. Buy a refillable hand wash bottle and fill up using reduced plastic packaging. You get the benefit of choosing a gorgeous hand wash bottle and cutting back big time on plastic. I bought these from Etsy and couldn’t be happier with them.

Let us know in the comments if you have tried any of these ideas, and if you have any tips of your own that I might be able to try out (and thank you in advance).

Until next time,



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