5 Healthy Habits to work on in 2021

There are probably a million and one possible healthy habits to choose from but trying to do work on everything would be a very overwhelming start to the year! I’ve thought quite a bit about just a few areas that I would really like to focus on this year and I hope that other people might find these ideas useful and take some inspiration from them. Happy 2021 everyone!

1. Get outside more. Last year I really didn’t get out much, but when I did it felt great. I did my daily walks in summer but when winter hit I used excuses like ‘it’s too cold’ or ‘there’s no point going out after the daylight has gone’. But recently I’ve been going out for socially distanced winter walks in the cold and dark and, firstly, I survived the cold, and secondly, it’s been really enjoyable.

2. Make time for yourself. This is a weird one. In a way I sort of already make a lot of time for myself but in another way even when I do ‘relaxing’ things, like drawing, or putting away laundry (it calms me…) I am still working towards a set goal or a specific project rather than just taking the time to just ‘be’. I am going to start carving out time just to have ‘fun’, or meditate, or why not light candles and have a bubble bath.

3. Exercise more. Working at home and doing lots of shopping online instead of in the shops has meant I haven’t done a lot of moving lately. This year I am aiming to do more exercise, definitely lots of Yoga and Pilates (I love YouTube classes by Adriene and Blogilates).

4. Drink more (water), We (humans) are made up of a lot of cells which require a fairly decent amount of water to function properly. If you are dehydrated then you might experience any number of problems. Digestive issues, dry eyes, dry mouth, tiredness, poor concentration, excessive snacking… I know if I haven’t drank enough water I have trouble concentrating and that makes me want to reach for coffee. Which doesn’t help… time to reach for water first.

5. Be kind to yourself. If you wouldn’t say it to someone else then don’t say it to yourself. Nobody is perfect. Stop dwelling on the little things. ‘Nuf said.

Until next time, Lauren


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