International Women’s Day: Supporting your Tribe

It just so happens that my blog post day has fallen on International Women’s day (IWD) and so it’s my absolute honour to use my post to talk about what IWD is, why it’s important and to hopefully promote some positive vibes and thinking around how you can personally feel part of it.

International Women’s day is something that is very close to my heart. It is a day which has been honoured since 1911 and every year on March 8th we have more and more to celebrate. It is a day dedicated to celebrating the success of women who are shaping culture, science, politics and the economy throughout the world, valuing their contributions. This day is also to champion the ongoing work for women’s rights and gender equality. This year the theme is around women in leadership and achieving an equal future in our current COVID climate. Whilst that can feel quite far removed from our day to day lives if we aren’t in leadership roles, we are all capable of influencing other people.

Now, you might be thinking, well that’s nice but I am not into Feminism and I don’t really get how this is relevant to me. There is so much I could say and argue why and how it is relevant to every woman but this post would be incredibly long. So instead I want to filter it down to a more personal level – you and your tribe. I always find International Women’s day not only a good opportunity to reflect on how far we have come and our personal achievements, but also a reminder that girls supporting girls is something we need to do more of. Women in leadership being the theme we need to think about how leading by example can play a part in that.

One thing you might want to think about is how you support the women in your life. In my personal opinion the media, in all its many forms, intentionally or not promotes comparison and competition between women and young girls. Now I love a bit of healthy competition but when it comes to ideas of what is successful and what is beautiful it starts to feel a little unhealthy.

Now team that with everyone filtering their photos and holding flattering poses and you suddenly have an environment we inhabit every day telling us we aren’t good enough. This encourages you to compare yourself and pushes a line of what is considered attractive and what isn’t, sometimes breeding negative feelings towards ourselves and others. I am not saying don’t post those gorgeous photos because girl, if you’re feeling it post it. But I am saying that we should support each other more and compare less. The success of one woman does not devalue the success of another and truth be told success is different for everyone. It is, like beauty, in the eye of the beholder.

Often we feel the need to judge or put down another woman’s achievements because they makes us feel like we are less. We don’t have a successful business; we don’t have the perfect figure or don’t feel like we have the confidence to live our best lives. This is a natural feeling when we compare ourselves to other people and sometimes we just can’t help it – human after all! But we can still be supportive, good vibes breed good vibes so share your friend’s business page. Hit like on that bikini snap of the girl who doesn’t have supermodel body but has the body confidence you don’t, because where people find the confidence to be themselves has nothing to do with you. So let the success of your tribe be your inspiration and empowerment to move forward – we all need a little push every now and then and where better to get it than from the strong women around you.

Begin with you, drive your ambitions and take control of your own journey leading by example and ultimately influencing the people around you. Check out what other women are doing and let it inspire you to go further. Take this day to celebrate the women and girls a little closer to home and support each other- we are stronger together. The mothers, leaders, entrepreneurs, career women and young girls who are all championing their ambitions. So here’s to all the women pushing the boundaries and achieving things we thought we couldn’t.

Happy International Women’s Day you gorgeous lot!

Z x

P.S – the gorgeous artwork on this post was created by Lauren who is the other half of this blog, check out her other projects here.

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