Evening self-care ideas for a better day ahead

In its most basic form, self-care is quite simply doing activities to look after our physical and mental health – it basically is as simple as just looking after ourselves. Except in today’s hectic and busy world it isn’t actually that simple. It’s far too easy just to focus on all the things we have to do and forget to focus on ourselves and what we need. It’s hard to find time to do ‘extra’ things to take care of ourselves but when we do carve out that precious time it is so worth it.

I have put together a list of self-care activities to do in the evening which will help in having a better day ahead.

“a good day starts with a good night of sleep”

I can’t remember where I read that but it’s got a good point. I actually think a good day ahead starts a bit earlier than that. Preparing for the next day by cutting down on the amount of things you have to do in the morning goes a long way into ensuring your day is going to be a good ‘un.

Firstly, preparing for the day ahead

Start with a quick kitchen clean up. Okay I know it doesn’t sound like self-care but bear with me. Imagine waking up and going to make your morning coffee and there are no clean mugs or teaspoons and the work surfaces aren’t clean… 

Oh. Dear.

Now imagine waking and going to make your morning coffee and the kitchen is clean and the kettle is already full and there is a clean mug and teaspoon already out next to the coffee (the cafeteria is clean and ready as well).

I know how I would rather start my day.

If you are going to work the next day:

Prepare lunch

Get your outfit ready – all items hung up or laid out

Sort out your handbag – any key fobs, work IDs etc. 

If you are working at home:

Get your desk/workspace tidy and ready

Make sure you have everything you need ready and on your desk – paper, pens, the computer mouse…

Secondly, unwind from the day

Write down things that are on your mind, and then put them aside for the next day. There is no need to keep them floating around your head whilst you are trying to relax. 

Dim the lights – get the calming bedtime lighting on

Drink a caffeine free herbal tea (e.g. chamomile)

Do some stretches – My go-to places for stretching routines are the NIKE training app, Yoga with Adriene (YouTube), and Blogilates (also YouTube) 

Take a relaxing bubble bath

Do a skin beautifying face mask so you wake up with sparkling skin

Light a scented candle or switch on an essential oil diffuser (using a bedtime oil blend – my favourite is NEOM: Scents to Make you Sleep)

Finally, get a good night of sleep

Wear comfy pyjamas

Switch off from screens – no tapping on phones in bed!

Read a book which helps you relax

Go to bed early if you can and give yourself plenty of time for sleep

Meditate (I use a meditation app to help me drift off – sleep melodies)

Read more about getting a good night of sleep on my short and snappy post How to get a Good Night of Sleep.

How evening Self-Care activities can help you

Helping you live a healthier lifestyle

If you prep your lunch the evening before work, you are more likely to out the thought into making something healthy instead of rushing or resorting to packaged supermarket food.

Reducing stress levels

Not only will taking the time in the evening to relax reduce stress feelings of tension, but having all your things sorted in the morning will make the mornings much smoother and stress-free. 

Feeling more motivated about getting up

When you wake up after a good relaxing evening, and a good night of sleep, to a well-prepared morning it is definitely much easier to get out of bed and start the day.

You will have a better day

These ideas will help you feel more organised, prepared, less stressed and all of these things combined will help you to have a better day than you would of otherwise had.

You are learning to taking time for YOU

It may be hard as it is to carve out precious time for time for ourselves but it is really important. Whether you have no problems doing this or if you are just starting to look at taking extra time for yourself it is valuable time that 1) isn’t selfish and 2) isn’t wasted time. Learning to take care of yourself and have better days can make you feel happier and this is beneficial for yourself and those around you.

I hope you have found these tips helpful and I’d love to know if you have followed these ideas. 

What is your favourite evening self-care activity?

Until next time



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