Evening self-care ideas for a better day ahead

It’s far too easy just to focus on all the things we have to do and forget to focus on ourselves and what we need. It’s hard to find time to do ‘extra’ things to take care of ourselves but when we do carve out that precious time it is so worth it. I have put together a list of self-care activities to do in the evening which will help in having a better day ahead.


Wardrobe Declutter – 10 things you don’t need to keep on to

A wardrobe clear out can be hugely rewarding however depending on how much stuff you have, it is not for the faint hearted. As you are going through your wardrobe keep an eye out for these ten types of items that you don’t need to hang on to. So grab a drink as strong as you like and here we go.

Decluttering as Self Care (and how to get started)

Decluttering is actually a form of self-care. Not only can the process of decluttering be strangely soothing, but having less clutter means less time spent looking for things and cleaning up and therefore more time spent on doing things that you really enjoy. Read on for more information on how decluttering is good for your wellbeing and tips to get started.