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We are ‘new’ bloggers (you may have guessed). We have not signed up with any affiliate programmes and therefore none of our posts contain affiliate links. We have not been gifted any items or sponsored to make any posts or promote any products. We are keen to grow our blog, which one day might mean we earn an income from it. However that happens and whatever that looks like, we will let you know by updating this page and being open and transparent about any post that contains any ads, sponsorships, gifts, or affiliate links.

Opinions: All opinions and views that we write on our blog are our own (unless we are literally quoting someone else). They are there for readers information, enjoyment and review purposes only. We will always appreciate that everyone has their own opinions on the topics covered in our blog and we never write our opinions with the intention of causing offence or to insult anyone. We intend for this blog to be a positive and beautiful place. We are not responsible for other people’s opinions that they share in the comments.

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